Ambulatory Care Facilities Celebrate 1,000 Days Without a Serious Safety Event

As part of the Safety First Program, each facility tracks the number of days between serious safety events. Why? We want to celebrate all the hard work and dedication to patient safety and performance improvements that it takes to maintain a safe environmental in all our hospitals and facilities.

As of March 27, 2019, Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital has gone 100 days since a serious safety event; Our Lady of Peace Hospital has gone over 200 days; Jewish Hospital Shelbyville has gone 259 days; Frazier Rehabilitation Institute has gone over 400 days; and... the four Ambulatory Care Centers  (Medical Centers East, Northeast, South and Southwest) have gone 1,000 days without a serious safety event!

Tracking the days is a way to stay focused on our error prevention techniques and the integration of safety culture concepts into our daily work flow. When events do occur there is a robust process for performing a root cause analysis and sharing lessons learned. Additionally because of the robust reporting of precursor or near-miss events reported through our staff's diligent IRIS reporting, we can learn and prevent problems. 

Jennifer RoBards, RN, Division Director of Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance and Director of Quality, Risk and Safety for Ambulatory Care said that achieving the “1,000 days” mark was a tremendous accomplishment for the ambulatory centers.

“Despite going through several challenging leadership changes, the past 1,000 days have seen not only no serious safety events at any of the ambulatory facilities, but it has seen all four facilities achieve “Best Places to Work” designations,” said RoBards. “This achievement happened because each and every employee maintained their focus on our patients and their safety.”