Healing Heroes: Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital Providers

Among the overwhelming number of thank you messages for National Doctor's Day, were many recognitions for the providers at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital. Read a few of the messages from our KentuckyOne Health Louisville Region employees.

Drs. Blandford, Olsofka, Garmon, Lusco, Stewart and Theuer are great! I have worked with Dr. Olsofka and Dr. Lusco for over 16 years and am very thankful that we have such talented surgeons here at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital. Dr. Olsofka is an absolute joy to work with. I enjoy his humor, his quick wit and his passion to help our Bariatric patients live a healthier life.  He is one in a million! Dr. Lusco is deeply loved and respected by our Bariatric Program’s patients and staff. His desire to help patients discover a healthier life is palpable.

Dr. Jeffrey Graves is a pleasure to work with.  He shows the utmost respect to his patients and the staff. Dr. Graves takes all the time necessary to educate his patients and be sure they understand their disease process and treatment plan. He also includes the patient’s family member/significant other in this discussion. His patients truly appreciate his commitment to help them understand and manage their pain. In addition to educating his patients, Dr. Graves often takes time to educate new nurses to the department on pain management procedures. On pain clinic days Dr. Graves always takes time to thank the staff before he leaves. His dedication to the hospital and to the staff are very evident and greatly appreciated.

Dr. Larry Peters has made a difference in so many patients’ lives, me included. I repeatedly hear his patients praising him, saying that he was the first doctor to actually listen to them and try to understand their pain. Many have said how theirs lives have been improved physically and emotionally. We hear patients praising him so frequently that we jokingly call them Dr. Peters’ fan club.  I am proud to work with him.

I have a very unique opportunity to work closely with physicians from all sorts of specialties at St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital. I have a great appreciation for all of them and the care that they provide to our patients. One particular physican, however, stands out in my mind. Dr. Preeti Attavar. Dr. Attavar is what I would consider a true patient advocate. When it comes to the care of her patients, I have seen her stop at nothing to make certain that they receive the most thorough care possible. She is the kind of compassionate provider that you would want in your corner…fighting for you when you cannot fight for yourself. Thank you, Dr. Attavar for being the fighter that you are…a true inspiration!

Dr. Carl Morgan deserves a word of appreciation for all the ways he serves SMEH. I’m especially appreciative of his down-to-earth style and his pragmatic yet compassionate approach. We’re fortunate to have Dr. Morgan in his HIPS leadership role.

Dr. Eric Fulcher in the ER is always polite and willing to help address any concerns a nurse may have or any concerns a patient may have. My patients always tell me that they love him. He never belittles his staff and is a pleasent person to work with.

I have been honored to work at St. Mary & Elizabeth hospital for almost 19 years.  These have been the best years of my life.  We have the BEST staff ever and Dr. Ashok Kapoor is one of the BEST! When I visit his patients, they all tell me how wonderful Dr. Kapoor is! They tell me he is so professional and how much he cares. Anytime I see Dr. Kapoor in the hallway – he brings a “peace” with him that I know that all is well. He is a gifted doctor and we are blessed beyond all measure to have him. Thanks, Dr. Kapoor for all you do for us every day!