Employee of the Year Spotlight: Mary Beth Hettinger

Mary Beth with her husband, Milt and son, Kyle.

Get to know our Employees and Leaders of the Year!

Each of our Employee and Leaders of the Year answered a few questions about their careers at KentuckyOne Health and their personal interests.

Today we spotlight our Employee of the Year, Mary Beth Hettinger. Mary Beth is a Perianesthesia Nurse at Medical Center Jewish East.

1.  What year did you first join KYOne Health (including previous organizations JHSMH, JHHS or Caritas)? I came to Jewish Hospital as a new University of Louisville nursing school graduate in 1979. I had a scholarship and was required to work 3 years. I will soon be with the organization 40 years in May.

2.  What was your first job here?  I initially worked on 6 West which was a Medical/Surgical floor with 40 beds. There were two 4-bed wards on this floor. We still had some glass IV bottles, wore white uniforms and nursing caps, and used a Kardex to give out medications.

3.  What is your current job?  I currently work at Jewish Hospital Medical Center East in the Pre-op area. I also work in the PACU if needed.

4.  Family?  Husband Milt, son Kyle, and a special family in heaven (Brad, Billie, Courtney, and Collin)

5.  Favorite hobby?  I really enjoy walking, especially the Parklands and other area parks.

6.  Favorite place to vacation?  I love the beach.
7.  Most admired person?  My grandmother was the kindest and most religious person in my life. She taught me so much by the way she lived her life.
8.  Favorite color?  I really like a light rose or bright pink.
9.  Favorite book or movie?  "Somewhere in Time" was always my favorite movie. I eventually went to see the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island which was beautiful.
10. Bucket list item?  Nothing in particular. A peaceful life.