Healing Heroes: Jewish Hospital Providers

Among the overwhelming number of thank you messages for National Doctor's Day, were many recognitions for the providers at Jewish Hospital. Read just a few of the messages from our KentuckyOne Health Louisville Region employees.

We wanted to say how much we appreciate Dr. Matthew Bessen. He is approachable, kind, thorough, and has a great sense of humor. He takes the time to talk with patients and their families. His patients speak very highly of him. He definitely should be recognized for the great job he does!

Dr. Van Berkel is approachable, trustworthy, has amazing bedside manner, and is a pleasant human being. He literally goes into his patient rooms and pulls up a chair, sits down, and takes time with his patients. He answers questions from patients, family members, and nursing staff, and never acts like he is rushed. He is one of my favorite MDs.

Dr. Piracha is awesome. He takes time to sit down and talk with his patients and the nursing staff.

Thank you to Dr. Philip Rosenbloom for your dedication to Jewish Hospital and safe patient care!

Dr. Maldonado is easily one of the most positive, upbeat doctors we have here at Jewish.

There is not enough to be said about Dr. Chhibber. We have a patient population with high psychosocial demands. He is literally always available to nursing staff regardless of the hour, and never takes a harsh tone. He is respectful, kind, and does not get enough credit for how much difference he has made in the psych field for the nurses at Jewish Hospital. He also demonstrates genuine compassion for the patients.

Dr. Kaikaus is kind, compassionate, and respectful.
Dr. Buridi is so pleasant, has a great bedside manner, is respectful, and takes time to educate nursing staff.

Dr. Zaka Khan has a great bedside manner and is respectful to nursing staff.

I have the privilege to work with Dr. Allan Ramirez on the Lung Transplant Team. The kindness, caring and concern he gives to ALL his patients is evident on a daily basis. I often hear from patients how much his kindness means to them on their transplant journey. I am witness as he takes the time to listen and get to know his patients, really know them, and invest in not only their return to a better state of health but also as he cares for the whole individual. We all know it is a busy world in healthcare and the pace of moving from one patient to the next is expected to be quick, however I know his patients never feel that he doesn’t have the time for them to address all their needs. What a privilege to work with him and attest to the positive effect he has on his patients and their loved ones!

Transplant Services has a great team of surgeons and nephrologists! Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Christopher Jones, Dr. Robert Cannon, Dr. Michael Hughes, Dr. Mary Eng, Dr. Hitarth Dave and Dr. Lina Mackelaite are all very compassionate, smart, and approachable about anything. The abdominal transplant team is fortunate to work with these docs!

Dr. Alankar is a terrific surgeon to work with! He is always willing to share knowledge and educate staff. He is also a great resource for stress relieving and management. He treats his surgical staff with the professional respect that they deserve. I always enjoying getting to spend the day in his surgical suite.

Dr. David Caborn is an outstanding surgeon and educator. He has been incredibly patient and kind to me and my family throughout his care of my son. I can’t thank him enough for a fantastic outcome.

Dr. Patil is such a pleasure to work with. He is so approachable and available to our team when we have questions or special requests.

Dr. Mast is very responsive when we have someone that needs to be worked in for an appointment. He is consistently available and attentive to our team’s questions and requests. His bedside manner is fantastic and we are so happy he is a part of the KOMG!

Dr. Suresh Alankar has the heart of a teacher besides being an outstanding vascular surgeon. He reminds me to put the patient first. He has made me a better ultrasound tech by questioning my work which leads me to change and improve the quality. In these difficult times he stayed while others left and kept Vascular Surgery Associates open. That was a huge burden to carry that not only was a benefit to the patients but also to the staff that were able to continue to work for this organization. I am forever grateful for his guidance and sacrifice.

I would like to recognize Teresa Browning, DNP for all the hard work she does with the Thoracic patients. She is always willing to take the time to teach nurses what is needed. She goes above and beyond for her patients. She will get the patients up and walk them around the unit, and taking time with patients to explain what she is going to be doing and set expectations. She also takes time with the staff to make sure they understand the important role they play in the recovery process of the thoracic patients. She is the go to person when we have questions about their patients, always willing to get information and follow up in a timely manner. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our patients! I am proud to be a part of your team.

Dr. Brian Ganzel is not only an extraordinary doctor but a fine man. He is totally dedicated to his patients and this hospital! He is kind and considerate of the staff working here and takes a genuine interest in our welfare as well! His wife, Dr. Toni Ganzel, also exhibits these great attributes and is warm and welcoming us into their home during the Christmas holidays even though she does not work directly with us.

I’d like to recognize the fabulous sports medicine/orthopedic physicians/surgeons at Shea Orthopedic Group.  They are without a doubt, the BEST sports med docs in Louisville and the region.  Dr. Caborn performed my meniscus surgery and got me back on the tennis court in record time; Dr. McKee has treated both my husband and I for various sports/ortho injuries; and Dr. Patil and the staff at the Sports Med Urgent Care at Northeast are the “go to” for after-hours injuries.  I’ve lost count of how many of my tennis friends I have referred to the urgent care clinic.

I would like to recognize Dr. Lina Mackelaite, Dr.Hitarth Dave and Dr. Laura Smart. They are our tireless Transplant Nephrologists and Hepatologist. These MD’s are available to us and our patients day and night, after-hours and weekends to assist with problems, questions and review of labs, medications and testing.  They are the Best! Your transplant staff loves you!

I would like to shout out for our transplant surgeons Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Christopher Jones, Dr. Mary Eng, Dr. Robert Cannon, and Dr. Michael Hughes.  For their never ending devotion to the Transplanting of Kidney, Liver and Pancreas transplants. They work all Day in our Hospital and clinic setting. Then still find time to travel to areas around the state to speak to Dialysis centers and Doctor groups about the benefits of Transplantation.  On top of that, they stay up all night many nights performing the actual transplants. If anybody deserves a shout out it is this group of surgeons! Just know your staff loves you!

I would like to recognize Dr. Yunkun. As a new nurse in Perianesthesia and fairly new nurse in general, Dr. Yunkun explained every step of the peripheral block procedures elaborating on signs/symptoms of toxicity and interventions to treat. Years later, I no longer work beside but have interacted with him in different role. As we review workflows he has open perspective looking at what is best for patient recognizing workflow impacts for all disciplines; nursing and providers. However, I will never forget the impact he made as a new nurse. He sets the standard that every clinician should possess to support and grow future generations in healthcare.

Dr. Mast is performing surgery on my knee next week.  He has performed surgery on several people I know and they think he is great.  I have seen him one time and I felt very comfortable with his bedside manners and knowledge.  While I am not looking forward to the surgery, I am not worried.  Thank you to Dr. Mast in advance for a job well done.

Recently my mother was admitted for a hemoglobin of 5.8.  Dr. Stocker came in early and did her EGD at her bedside.  Not only is Dr. Stocker an incredible doctor to work with, she is kind and caring with her patients.  My mother was released 4 days later and Dr. Stocker still continues to ask about her.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Stocker, she is a gem in the crown of Jewish Hospital.

Dr. Mast took such good care of my mother during her inpatient hospital stay with a broken hip and her after care. He has taken care of my son with numerous admissions for knee surgery and complications following. I cannot sing his praises loud enough and refer my friends and family to him. He truly cares about patients as individuals. To this day, if I pass him in the hall, he will take the time to ask how my family is doing. To quote my Mother who has since passed away- “Sparky (her nickname for him) is just good people”.  I have such respect for him as a human being. Jewish Hospital is blessed to have him on staff.

I would like to take this time to mention a physician that in all of my time working here at Jewish, he has been compassionate not only to patients, but staff also. He is always willing to explain things that could be misunderstood or possibly cause a negative outcome, not only for our facility, but the patient as well.  Working in utilization review, we are not always, addressed with tones and terms that are appreciated, but Dr. Rafi Hasan has never made any of the staff in UR feel like we are a bother. Dr. Hasan is always willing to address any of the concerns we have about a case, and he is always ready to do a peer to peer on denials. I would just like to take a moment and tell him Thank you for being a wonderful person that puts patients first and is willing to go the extra mile for all people.

I want to give a shout out to two of our Transplant Surgeons – Dr. Chris Jones and Dr. Eric Davis.  They both go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of our patients, but also to take care of the whole transplant team.  They have each personally, on several occasions, watched out for and/or operated on several of my family members.  I always felt very secure knowing that they were involved and that my loved ones were not just in the hands of good doctors, but were in the hands of EXCELLENT doctors. Through years of working with each of them, I have been sincerely blessed to have them as co-workers, friends and “adopted” family members.

I would like to extend tremendous gratitude to Dr. Russ Williams.  KentuckyOne Health is so incredibly fortunate to have a surgeon of Dr. William’s caliber, talent and expertise.  That – combined with his outstanding compassion and care for his patients – make him a “Healing Hero.”  During our son’s journey with colon cancer this past year, Dr. Williams, along with gastroenterologist, Dr. Whitney Jones, were truly God’s angels.  Our family will forever be grateful for the expedient and outstanding care given our son.  It saved his life.