Prayer Quilt Blessings at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital

Mary Carver, one of the amazing volunteers at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, is gifted at sewing and has so beautifully blessed their Chaplain Department with the loveliest prayer quilts. These small quilts are distributed based on need, to patients who are passing away or in a dark place in their lives.

Mary shared that she blesses the quilts with prayers, for the individuals and families who will receive, the whole time she is sewing.

Recently, quilts have been shared with two particular families that truly express the blessing of this volunteer's gift in times of need.

A physically and mentally handicapped man passed away in the ICU, and his mother, who had cared for him his entire life, was of course broken-hearted. Upon presenting her with a quilt and learning that Mary had prayed for her and her son while making it, she began to cry and said she would treasure the expression of love forever.

A young man stopped by the Chaplain's office asking for prayer for his wife. Married only two years, he was very worried about her illness. After praying with him, he was given a prayer quilt and told about our Mary. He returned the next day wanting Mary to know that her prayers and quilt had made a difference! His wife was healing and is going home.

Thank you to Mary Carver and all of the volunteers at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital for demonstrating our values of reverence and compassion.