A Message from Deborah Lee-Eddie, Interim CEO for the Louisville Market

I know last week’s UofL announcement that they were unable to secure a financial partner was disappointing for many of us at KentuckyOne Health. However, as I have made the rounds and spoken with you over the past several days, I am not surprised (and continuously inspired) by your resilience, and ability to remained focused on what is most important… taking care of the thousands of patients who depend on us every month.

During this time of uncertainty, I understand you have concerns about the future, and questions regarding a new owner and how that may impact the services we provide going forward. I understand this can cause anxiety, and while I do not have answers for you today, I can tell you that we will continue to keep you informed whenever possible. I realize this process has been very long, and it can seem there are long periods of time without new information. This does not mean we are not making progress. However, we want to be certain any updates and decisions are final before we share them with you, as things can change quickly during negotiations.

As we move forward in our discussions with BlueMountain and the other interested organization, our goal is to make the right long-term decision for the communities we serve. This process will take some additional time. In the meantime, please remain focused on providing the best care possible for our patients. Please also take time to take care of yourself and each other; this family environment is what makes KentuckyOne Health so special. 


Deborah Lee-Eddie