Exceptional Employees Doing Exceptional Things!

KentuckyOne Health Louisville Region is home to over 5,000 employees who do amazing work every day taking care of our patients and their families. When not here, our employees do exceptional things away from work – serving on community boards, competing in sporting competitions, leading at their place of worship, running small businesses, and more.

When Susan Sulzer, senior executive assistant at Jewish Hospital, is not at the hospital, you might find her with Miss Chloe running the agility course at regional and national dog shows! Read more about Susan and Miss Chloe:

  • Role at KentuckyOne Health: Senior Executive Assistant to Dr. Ron Waldridge, President of Jewish Hospital
  • When did you begin working at KentuckyOne Health: May 2015
  • Hobby/Activity: Agility training and competing with my Pomeranian, Miss Chloe
  • When began: Began agility training with my first Pomeranian in 2011 but never competed with her. Have been training with Miss Chloe since August 2018. Our first competition was in March 2019.
  • How did you get started: I was just looking for a fun activity to do with my dog. My groomer recommended giving it a try and we’ve been doing it ever since.
  • Greatest achievement so far: Winning #1 Overall Novice Pomeranian at the American Pomeranian Club National Specialty in March.
  • Goal: Continue to train, compete and just have fun with Miss Chloe. Ribbons and titles are a bonus.
  • Personal hero/mentor: With regard to agility, my mentors are the trainers I have, my fellow agility students and everyone I’ve met in the agility world who encourage me to compete.
  • Personal motto: If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

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