Two Top Sources of Stress – And How to Address Them

From time to time, we’re all subject to feelings of stress. But left unaddressed, when pressure and anxiety creep into your life, the effects can be harmful to your overall well-being. Thankfully, stress can be reduced in a variety of ways – especially if you recognize its most common sources. 

Among all the potential sources of stress, from health, to work, to finances, to relationships, Fidelity Investments worked with university researchers to study the underlying causes of stress among thousands of employees at a variety of organizations. What the study revealed may surprise you: two of the top three sources of stress are related to your financial wellness. 

Top 3 sources of stress:*
1. Job
2. Overall financial situation
3. Saving for the future

Although “Overall financial situation” was named as the # 2 stressor, many aspects of managing money cause stress. To make matters worse, people under stress tend to make worse financial decisions, creating a vicious cycle.

A New Resource to Help

Whether your financial life is a source of contentment, or chaos (or something in between), CHI is pleased to offer a new resource to help, called the CHI Journey Guide – an online experience that provides information, tools, and support to boost your financial wellness.

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*Data represents the Fidelity Investments Total Well-Being Research online survey of 9,315 active Fidelity 401(k) and 403(b) participants from across the United States, in collaboration with researchers from the Stanford Center on Longevity and Cornell University.