New! Frazier Rehab Sports Medicine Athlete of the Month: Kiper Runs Moose Double for 60th Birthday

To recognize the outstanding athletic achievements and healthy lifestyles of our employees, Frazier Rehab Sports Medicine has created an Athlete of the Month spotlight. Through this new spotlight, employees can share about their athletic passions and competitive successes – hopefully inspiring others to get active!

There's no better spotlight to get us started than Teri Kiper, executive assistant to Cathy Spalding, who just completed the Grand Teton Moose Double at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming to celebrate her 60th birthday! Read more about Teri’s journey:

How long have you been participating in this sport? I started walking races in 2005.

Why did you select this sport/activity and how did you get your start? I started walking for health reasons. There were several other assistants who walked and we decided to participate in the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) mini-marathon.

What is your skill level? I’m probably an intermediate runner/jogger now.  My running has evolved over the years from walking, power walking, to jogging.  I’m not fast by any means, but I’m starting to maintain a consistent pace.

What kind of training is required to be successful? I mix up my training with running various distances, hill sessions, speed work and Bowspring yoga for cross-training.  I follow the KDF and Urban Bourbon training plans prior to both those races. 
What do you like best about this sport? Several things come to mind – the high I get when I cross the finish line, meeting other great runners, enjoying the beautiful parks we have in this area and keeping my body in shape.

How much time do you commit to the sport? I try to run several times a week either early morning before work or right after work and long runs on Saturday mornings when I’m not racing.  I also do Bowspring yoga twice a week.

What is the most physically challenging aspect of the sport? Hills and longer distances.

Have you experienced/overcome related injuries? Yes, I have had my share of injuries (not all sports related) over the years.  A combination of rest, physical therapy, surgeries, home exercises and now yoga have helped me stay strong.

Was there a person who encouraged or influence you to begin, continue or take the sport to a higher level? I don’t remember all the names, but the assistants got me started and it has grown from there.  I can be very competitive with myself and push myself more than anyone else. My older son and his wife continue to inspire me.  They claim I got them started and now they’re off competing in half-Ironman’s (70.3 miles).  We do several races together or I take my grandsons and we cheer for mom & dad.

Any sport-related personal goals? I just completed the Grand Teton Moose Double (May 31 & June 1, 2019) – 5k Friday night and Half-marathon (13.1 miles) Saturday morning just outside the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.  I’ve wanted to visit the Grand Teton Mountains since high school and first heard about the half-marathon race in 2016.  Since my 60th birthday was coming up in May 2019, I signed up for the inaugural Moose Double.  No better way to celebrate other than being in the Tetons!  I had so much fun. My 5k finish was 31:13 - just like Wally Bright earlier that month but I didn’t win any age group awards.  My goal for the half-marathon was 3 hours and I crushed it.  I still can’t believe I finished in 2:47:12 and I took lots of pictures along the route!  I had no issues with the altitude.

I’ve signed up for the Urban Bourbon and Louisville half-marathons this fall and multiple 5k’s over the next several months.

Anything else you’d like to share? I’m a little addicted to medals so I keep signing up for races (not all have medals).  Training does make a difference.  I’ve met great people and seen awesome places while out running.  I also use running to clear my mind and de-stress.  I love being in nature and we have wonderful parks to visit.  My favorites are Parkland’s and Iroquois.