Important Message for all Allscripts AEHR and PPMS Users

As previously communicated, Allscripts PPMS will be upgraded to version 18.1. The first wave of go-lives is scheduled for markets in Kentucky on Mon., July 22. In preparation, PPMS (EST Region) will be unavailable beginning Fri., July 19 at 10:00 p.m. until Mon., July 22 at 5:45 a.m. ET.
Although AEHR will be accessible during the PPMS downtime,  If the office will be open over the impacted weekend, users should be aware of the implications in the following scenarios:

1. The patient is registered and an appointment already exists in PPMS & AEHR:

a. Upon arrival, the patient will not be acknowledged in PPMS and will not be “Arrived” in the AEHR, therefore the following actions need to be taken:

i. With appointment not arrived in AEHR, the Encounter will need to be manually selected in order to tie the note and orders to the appointment encounter.

ii. The Appointment will need to be arrived in PPMSonce the system is back up so that charging can be completed. NOTE: The charge encounter form is created when the appointment is arrived.  

2. The patient is not registered in PPMS or AEHR or the patient is registered in PPMS and AEHR but the appointment does not exist, i.e., new patient and/or walk-in patient visit:

a. Patient and/or appointment does not exist in AEHR therefore Note, orders, etc. cannot be linked to an appointment.

b. Clinical information can be viewed in AEHR; if existing patient, however all documentation, including charges should be done on paper using the AEHR downtime procedures. 

If most patients in your office will not be registered and scheduled ahead of the downtime (for example, an urgent care or walk-in clinic patient), please consider following downtime processes in AEHR during the upgrade.  

Review supporting User Guide/other PPMS upgrade materials for details.

For urgent technical and support issues post go-live, please contact the Allscripts go-live bridge line.
For business issues or questions, please contact Julie Morgan.