Exceptional Employees Doing Exceptional Things!

KentuckyOne Health Louisville Region is home to over 5,000 employees who do amazing work every day taking care of our patients and their families. When not here, our employees do exceptional things away from work – serving on community boards, competing in sporting competitions, leading at their place of worship, running small businesses, and more.

When David McArthur, Senior Manager of Media Relations for KentuckyOne Health Louisville Region, is not working, it’s most likely that he is leading kids on a scouting adventure, or helping with communication for the Lincoln Heritage Council.

Read more about David and his recent trip to a remote island off of the Florida Keys:

  • Role at KentuckyOne Health: Senior Manager, Media Relations
  • When did you begin working at KentuckyOne Health: December 2008
  • Hobby/Activity: Volunteer, Scoutmaster for Scouts BSA Troop 175B at St. Edward, and Chair of the Lincoln Heritage Council Marketing and Communications committee. I’m also a volunteer leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop.
  • When began: I’ve volunteered in various roles within scouting for more than 30 years.
  • How did you get started: It was an evolution that began after I earned my Eagle Scout rank long ago. From college to career, I sought opportunities to help scouts wherever I was living at the time. As my three sons and daughter grew into scouting, so did I.
  • Greatest achievement so far: Tough to isolate just one, as each one of the scouts I serve is an opportunity for greatness. The challenges come in as many sizes as the scouts, like passing a swim test, leading an Eagle Scout project, or realizing survival is actually possible without a cell phone. I have had some awesome adventures along the way, like paddling 5 miles to a remote island (Big Munson) off the Florida Keys and surviving a week with them this summer. We kayaked through the island mangrove maze, caught sharks and fish, and snorkeled. When we were not eating what we caught, I was treated to some one-of-a-kind scout created delicacies… mac-n-cheese, with spam. While I would not request it at the Jewish Hospital cafeteria, for primitive island food… it hit the spot. The vegetation on our island had taken a big blow from Hurricane Irma a couple of years ago. To help improve soil conditions for regrowth, we spent an afternoon moving seagrass from the shoreline into inland plant bed areas. Following our paddle back to the mainland, we wrapped up our trip with a day in Key West, the obligatory stop at southernmost point, and the daily sunset festival. I brought back some unforgettable memories, 2,000 photos and an increased appreciation for opportunity to grow from challenges.
  • Goal: Help scouts grow into compassionate and confident citizens that will achieve great things.
  • Personal hero/mentor: Our KentuckyOne clinical team. While I am able to wordsmith a paragraph or two, you are saving lives!  It’s also nice to have so many options when I need someone to help teach the First Aid merit badge.
  • Personal motto: For this role, I might be called out by my scouts if I said anything other than… “Be Prepared.”

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