Exceptional Employees Doing Exceptional Things!

KentuckyOne Health Louisville Region is home to over 5,000 employees who do amazing work every day taking care of our patients and their families. When not here, our employees do exceptional things away from work – serving on community boards, competing in sporting competitions, leading at their place of worship, running small businesses, and more.

Lisa Prewitt is one of those exceptional employees. She has touched the lives of countless Kentuckians, and two particular service activities demonstrate her personal commitment to help others, and spread joy and kindness.

Role at KentuckyOne Health: Lead Behavioral Health Outreach Coordinator at Our Lady of Peace

When did you begin working at KentuckyOne Health: September, 2012.

Service Activities: 

  • I attended clown school at Hospice of Louisville in 1996. I was taught the art of clowning (make-up, costume, magic, animal balloons, etc.) and used my skills to assist Hospice at the Kentucky State Fair. For years, I volunteered at different community events as Hopie the Clown. Today, my costume is retired, but I continue to use my ballooning skills on behalf of Our Lady of Peace. This year alone, I have made over a thousand balloon animals for kids throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Eleven years ago, I worked as a case manager for an in-home mental health organization that covered Jefferson, Shelby, Bullitt, Spencer, Henry, Trimble, and Oldham Counties.  Most of the families that I served struggled financially.  As part of my job, I attempted to find resources for these families.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of families that struggle and not enough resources to go around.  This led to the birth of Lisa’s Closet.  With the help of family and friends, I began collecting clothing and household items for families in need.  Over the years, I have given away furniture, clothing, electronics, washer and dryers, rugs, blankets, curtains, toys, and books.  Because I have limited time, Lisa’s Closet has turned into Lisa’s Christmas Closet.  Throughout the year, I collect new or gently used toys, hats, coats, gloves, and blankets and give these items away the second or third Saturday of December.  I invite the community at large to attend.  I am happy to say that Lisa’s Christmas Closet has brought a little happiness and warmth to hundreds of families throughout the years.

Greatest achievement so far: My greatest achievements are marrying my wonderful husband and giving birth to two healthy, happy, and successful children. 

Goal: My goal is to spread joy with a kind word and a big smile.

Personal hero/mentor: I have so many it is hard to choose.  My mom and dad are kind, wonderful, supportive, and giving.  My current supervisor, Kelly Gillooly, is kind, patient, thoughtful, and thorough.  My friend and past employer, Laura Krebs-Lewis, inspires me daily by her acts of kindness.

Personal motto: Be kind and give back!  It is that simple.  Everyone can take on one simple project to help others in their community.

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