Integration Update for KentuckyOne Health Providers: Sept. 23, 2019

Thank you to all of you who attended the forums last week. The leadership at UofL Health and KentuckyOne Health are dedicated to making this a smooth transition for you and our patients.

We are excited that physicians and APCs will be a part of the UofL Health team Nov. 1. As a provider with UofL Physicians, you are joining the largest, multi-specialty physician practice in Louisville with more than 78 sub specialties, 1,200 dedicated staff professionals and more than 700 primary care and specialty physicians.

What an astonishing benefit for our patients. We look forward to seeing how the Power of U transforms UofL Health and our community.

New Employee Open Enrollment
Instructions for enrolling:
New hire benefit enrollment is Sept. 25-Oct. 6. During this time, you will elect your benefits for the remainder of 2019.
You will also go through 2020 annual open enrollment scheduled for Oct. 23- Nov. 6.
You will receive instructions for enrollment from Human Resources on Monday, Sept. 23. If you don't receive these instructions, or if you have additional questions, please email

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to or with questions. Those questions have been shared with the appropriate integration workgroup and are helping guide integration discussions.

Please be patient, with only two months to complete the transition process, the workgroups are working hard to determine the answers to many of your questions.

1. Is there a discount on University of Louisville tuition?
UofL Health and all of its hospital and physician practice entities is a separate organization from the University of Louisville (UofL). We do not receive discounts on tuition at UofL.

2. What is the pay schedule for UofL Health? Providers are paid monthly on the last business day of the month. APCs and all other team members are paid bi-weekly.
Physicians’ first paycheck from UofL Physicians will be Friday, Nov. 29.
APCs’ first paycheck from UofL Physicians will be Friday, Nov. 15.

3. What enrollment program does UofL Health use?  
All physicians, providers and team members will use UltiPro to enroll in the UofL Health benefit plan.  Training and detailed instructions will be shared during benefit enrollment.

4. Who do I call if I have questions about my KentuckyOne Health benefits?
Any questions concerning your KentuckyOne Health benefits should be discussed with your KentuckyOne Health Human Resources Business Partner.

5. Will PRN APCs be considered exempt or non-exempt? 
PRN APCs will be considered non-exempt.

6. How will you address benefits for providers who practice less than 30 hours a week? 
We have been able to adjust UofL Physicians plan documents to allow for those providers working 20 hours or more to elect benefits.