Must be employed at a KentuckyOne Health Facility as a:

  • Full-time, Part-time and Pool registered nurses who work a minimum of 1040 hours in the designated application period are eligible to apply.
  • Not currently active in the disciplinary process for one year prior to the online application
  • Satisfactory performance appraisal with “Meets Expectations” on most recent evaluation
  • Must have current supporting documentation from the department manager or director (direct supervisor) indicating performance to support the core values of KentuckyOne Health and the professional of Nursing 
  • Must submit a portfolio of supporting evidence for the NPDP level for which they are applying
  • New applicants must have evidence of active participation in the QI (Quality Improvement), EBP (Evidence-based Practice), or Research project designed to improve patient outcomes within 24 months of application to the program
  • All reapplying applicants must have evidence of a new QI, EBP, or research project


Eligibility for the KentuckyOne Health Nursing Professional Development Program (NPDP) is strictly based on the role classification of Staff Nurse or Staff RN.  Although all nursing roles are important to patient care, this program is designed specifically for those in a staff role.  

The following is a list of nursing roles that are NOT eligible for the Nursing Professional Development Program:

 Contract Nurses   Clinical Informaticists
 Clinical Educators  Out Patient Infusion Nurses
 Clinical Nurse Specialists  Nurse Practitioners
 Nurse Navigators  Population Health Coaches
 Nursing Managers  Employee Health Nurses
 Nurse Researchers  Documentation Specialists
 Diabetes Educators  LifeStyle Center Nurses
 Wound and Ostomy Nurses  PICC Line Nurses
 Case Mangers  Risk Managers
 Bariatric Clinic Nurses

This list is not all-inclusive. Please contact one of the following if you have eligibility questions prior to beginning the application process:

Tina Forman, BSN, RN, CCRN-K, CNML