Nursing Professional Development Program Awardees

The KentuckyOne Health Nursing Professional Development Program has been developed by a diverse clinical group of nurses from all areas of the organization. The program provides reward and recognition of staff nurses who have demonstrated achievement of clinical excellence. 

The program provides a mechanism to help the staff nurses advance in the achievement of their professional goals, emphasizing clinical practice, quality, patient safety, shared decision making, evidence based practice and nursing research.

The Nursing Professional Development Program Board is pleased to announce the following March 2016 Nursing Professional Development Program Awardees:


Professional Level III Certification

·       Vicki Burns, BSN, RN, ONC-MNN – Saint Joseph Hospital London

·       Lena Campbell, BSN, RN, -- Flaget Hospital

·       Suzanne Luzama, BSN, RN, CAPA – University of Louisville Hospital

·       Debbie Newton, BSN, RN, CCRN – Saint Joseph Hospital

·       Tammy Smith, BSN, RN, RN-MNN – Saint Joseph Hospital London

Professional Level II Certification

·       Stephanie Brockman, BSN, RN – Flaget Hospital

·       Connie Krossber, BSN, RN – Saint Joseph Hospital London

·       Amy Rankin, BSN, RN – Saint Joseph Hospital

Profession Level I Certification

·       Jill Clark, ADN – Flaget Hospital

·       Kathy Rorer, ADN – Saint Joseph Hospital

·       Katherine Zahnd, ADN – Jewish Hospital

Nursing Professional Development Program Awardees: