Purpose and Objectives

Purpose:  The Nursing Professional Development Program (NPDP) encourages the professional development of the staff RN of KentuckyOne Health hospitals through demonstrated high quality, evidence-based nursing care, advancement of individual practice and the profession of Nursing.

  1. To promote positive patient outcomes by motivating staff to achieve their highest level of clinical competence.
  2. To keep the most competent staff in clinical practice.
  3. To provide a mechanism for recruitment and retention of the highest quality personnel.
  4. To allow for diversity and control of career choices.
  5. To develop a nursing clinical advancement model reflective of current best practices in healthcare.

Staff nurses may apply annually for the Nursing Professional Development Program by submitting a portfolio for approval and submitting to your Clinical Education Department.

The KentuckyOne Nursing Professional Development Board will evaluate portfolios using common criteria across the system. Applicants who meet the defined requirements will be eligible for a lump sum bonus.

Download the Nursing Professional Development Program Board Member Contact List

Download the Nursing Professional Development Program Quick Reference Bonus Information