Welcome Physicians

KentuckyOne Health can only be as strong and successful as the employees and physicians who work together every day to take care of our patients. We have to be coordinated in our efforts, purposeful in our actions and joined in our vision. Only through alignment at all levels can we compete in this challenging market and truly transform the health of those we serve. 

Communication and trust are at the core of alignment. Inside KentuckyOne is just one step of many to improve our communications to our physicians and employees. Our strategy is to keep communications simple, relevant and accessible.  Joining our employee and physician sites together under Inside KentuckyOne reinforces that we are ONE team working to create the most progressive and transformative health system in Kentucky. 

Building and keeping trust, either in an organization or personal relationship, can be challenging. We have all, at some time in our lives, been part of a team where people were engaged in the work in creative and dynamic ways; where relationships were vibrant and meaningful; communications were positive and uplifting; mistakes were seen as opportunities for learning; and great energy and attitudes were pervasive.

We have also, no doubt, been on teams that were just no fun, where the environment was dysfunctional and toxic, the hierarchy was duplicative and intrusive, and the relationships among team members were filled with acrimony, suspicion, disruptive, negative behaviors, and, in the worst case, abuse. 

One environment brings out the best in the team and the people; the other slowly depletes, degrades, and defeats both the team and its members. Here at KentuckyOne Health we find ourselves somewhere in the middle of the high-trust to low-trust continuum. 

We are neither defeated, nor are we fully engaged. We are, however, at or near a tipping point.
Our goal over the next several months--and continuing into perpetuity—needs to be to move the needle from a low-trust to high-trust environment for our physicians and employees. 
To do this, we have to be candid with each other and engaged. We have to join together in our mission but recognize that there are many pathways to success. We have to listen. Brilliant ideas and winning strategy spring from open collaboration and synchronized efforts. 

At the end of the day, everyone within KentuckyOne must understand, support and embrace the importance of building a sustainable, high-trust, high-engagement environment where our physicians and employees can thrive.