Pause Before You Print

Go Green with KentuckyOne, Help Cut Printer Waste

The average office worker in the U.S. uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. As part of Project GreenPrint, we are asking employees to be good stewards of our printing resources—simply, to think before you print. Conserving paper and ink not only saves money, it protects the environment.

KentuckyOne Health leaders are asking for a combined effort across the state to reduce unnecessary printing waste and costs. It's time to change your habits; printing should be an exception, not the rule.

Reduce Paper Waste and Go Digital

As you're rushing to finish your presentation before an important meeting, resist the urge to print out several copies for attendees. Rather, bring your laptop to show your presentation and email everyone a copy afterward. Don't print out meeting agendas; email them ahead of time and refer to them on-screen. 

Don’t be a paper pusher:

  • Archive emails and documents on your computer (don’t print!)
  • Bookmark Web pages instead of printing them
  • Distribute memos, exchange documents via email
  • Print to Portable Document Format (PDF) instead of paper
  • Use electronic business forms and consolidate similar forms
  • Work on drafts electronically
  • Proof work on screen
  • Print letterhead directly from computers
  • Eliminate commercial junk mail
  • Eliminate cover or divider pages
  • Shred used paper for packaging
  • Use 1-sided printed paper for note taking
  • Use a white board for planning/brainstorming (reduce sticky notes and note pads)
  • Add a reminder to your emails to reduce printing
  • Post calendar reminders to think about saving paper
  • Promote awareness
  • Email meeting handouts/presentations or print one copy to share

If you must print, print responsibly:

  • Print duplex or two to a page (double-sided!)
  • Print in black and white
  • Reduce margins
  • Reduce line spacing
  • Reduce font size and change font type
  • Shrink to fit/shrink one page
  • Delete excess advertisements/banners from Internet articles
  • Use print preview to catch formatting errors before printing  
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle

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