Best Practices


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AIDET® is the KentuckyOne way for communicating with our patients, and one another. It is the framework for narrating the care and for introducing ourselves professionally. Below is an overview of what the acronym AIDET® means:

A – Acknowledge:
Goal: To put patients at ease; to make them feel welcome and comfortable. They are your priority. 

I – Introduce:
Goal: To build confidence and gain the trust of the people we serve.

D – Duration:
Goal: Manage the patient’s expectation of time.

E – Explanation:
Goal: Reduce anxiety and concern. Paint a clear picture. Reduce questions, such as “Why is..?” “Why are they doing that?” “What is that I hear?” “What are they doing?” and “What are they saying?”

T – Thank:
Goal: Demonstrate you care and acknowledge your appreciation of the interaction. Thank them for allowing you to care for them.

AIDET® is the official communications platform for KentuckyOne. Every KentuckyOne employee is expected to perform AIDET with every patient, every time.

The AIDET® communication framework is a registered trademark of Studer Group.