Best Practices

Rounding for Outcomes

All leaders across KentuckyOne are expected to implement “Rounding for Outcomes” in their given area. This process of implementing a culture focused on service involves:

  • Proactively engaging, listening to, communicating with, building relationships with and supporting your most important customers.
  • All leaders should round–clinical AND non-clinical–in all settings: inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory, etc.

The following tools are designed to assist leaders in implementing Rounding for Outcomes:

Rounding for Outcomes Overview
Rounding for Outcomes Implementation Guide

Sample Forms:
Rounding on Internal Customers Log
Rounding on Patients Log
Rounding on Physicians Log

Rounding in Action: Michael Northcraft
Michael Northcraft believes rounding on patients, staff and internal clients is the best way to keep connected to the human aspect of his work. He believes rounding for outcomes allows KentuckyOne leaders to stay focused on what’s important – providing a safe and exceptional experience for every patient, every time. To ensure that he and his team members are as effective as possible in rounding, Michael took the time to customize the “Rounding for Outcomes” form that was rolled out to all leaders at Leadership Advance late last year. Read More