Hourly Patient Rounding

A key driver in achieving the highest level of satisfaction is partnering with patients and their families.

The best practice of hourly patient rounding – which is done by our bedside inpatient and ED nurses – is a proactive, patient-centered approach to determine and address patient care needs. It is also the foundation of high-performing facilities across the country.

Hourly rounding involves nurses rounding every hour (every two hours at night) and asking targeted questions regarding pain, toileting needs, positioning, personal needs and their plan of care.

Below is a step-by-step training video that demonstrates the hourly patient rounding that we expect at KentuckyOne Health. ALL inpatient and ED bedside nurses within KentuckyOne – as well as their nursing leadership – are required to view this video and then practice the 8 Key Behaviors demonstrated daily.

This requirement is to ensure we are conducting purposeful hourly rounding on every patient, every day in every inpatient and ED setting within our organization.