Rounding for Outcomes

All leaders across KentuckyOne are expected to be actively “Rounding for Outcomes” with both their employees and their area's key customers.

As we put a laser focus on delivering the highest level of quality, safety and service consistently across the organization, our leaders are our key to success.

Through their purposeful rounding, our leaders are instrumental in obtaining the critical information needed to ensure we are addressing concerns, recognizing outstanding efforts and demonstrating how much we value our patients and our employees by truly listening to the beneficial feedback they are providing us.

To ensure success on all fronts, we remind leaders to be:

  • Proactively engaging, listening to, communicating with, building relationships with and supporting your employees and your most important customers, as determined by the type of work you perform in our organization.
  • All leaders should round –clinical AND non-clinical– in all settings: inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory, etc. as well as with your staff members.
The following tools are designed to assist leaders in implementing Rounding for Outcomes:

Rounding for Outcomes Overview
Rounding for Outcomes Implementation Guide

Rounding on Employees Log NEW! Support document from the September 15, 2016, Leadership Advance
Rounding on Internal Customers Log
Rounding on Patients Log
Rounding on Physicians Log