Measuring the Patient Experience

The Patient Experience Department collects and analyzes patient feedback throughout KentuckyOne Health to provide greater insight into how our patients perceive their experience. Reports are created monthly for the KentuckyOne Health leadership team and facility executive teams.

We are striving for a culture that is synonymous with excellent service, and exceeding patient expectations; with all levels of the organization holding one another accountable in meeting these core values. 

Patient Satisfaction Survey:

KentuckyOne Health’s patient satisfaction tool is administered by HealthStream.

Seven surveys are in place to receive patient feedback: Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Services, Outpatient Surgery, Outpatient Oncology, Outpatient Rehab and Behavioral Health.

Following a stay or service with us, a patient may be randomly selected to receive a telephone call survey from this third-party vendor.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot ask or tell patients to score us a certain way on their surveys or ask them to name you in the comments, etc. 

You can only share with them that they may be randomly selected to participate in a telephone patient satisfaction survey. If chosen, we would appreciate if they please complete the survey.

Below is a flyer (in color and b&w) that is appropriate to post on your unit or a common patient area that will explain the process to our patients.

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