New Leaders

Congratulations on your new leadership position within KentuckyOne Health. You play a crucial role in driving the patient experience within our organization because you set the expectations with your staff members for Service Excellence and serve as the guiding example for them to emulate.

Below is an important step-by-step guide to becoming a leader in patient experience at KentuckyOne Health:

STEP ONE: Contact our department at and request your HealthStream access.

HealthStream is our vendor for patient satisfaction measurement.

STEP TWO: Once you have access, please sign up for a general HealthStream overview entitled "Insights 101."

This webinar is offered monthly and can be done from your desk. It will teach you how to navigate the HealthStream site and run/schedule reports. To view available training dates and register, click here.

STEP THREE: Upon completion of "Insights 101" (or if you need assistance running data before your class meets), please contact us to schedule a personalized one-hour Live Meeting session with one of our Patient Experience Managers.

In this time together, you will review the surveying process & key points to remember about KentuckyOne's data collection; go over your specific data, if applicable; discuss what service excellence should look like in your area & best practices to achieve success; review commonly used data reports and ensure you can run each one; and discuss any specific information unique to your unit, department or area of responsibility.

STEP FOUR: Run and post your team's data monthly (if applicable). Also, it is important to make the scores relevant to your team and their work.

Go beyond simply posting data by also conducting regular, focused conversations with your staff around:

  • Your area's specific patient satisfaction data
  • Your team's performance in each measured area
  • Your team's opportunities for improvement, as indicated on your priority index
  • Your next steps
PLEASE NOTE: If your team does not receive unit-specific data, you should still focus on overall scores for your facility or the system, as well as have regular, focused conversations regarding service excellence and what that looks like for your team.